Monday, July 12, 2010

I'M 50! 50 YEARS OLD.

I'M 50!  50 YEARS OLD.

I'm not really turning 50 today. My 21st is on Friday, however.... so I'm expecting lots of presents from all of you.  (Just kidding.  (Not really.  (Maybe a little.)))  Anyways.  Today is my 50th treasury in a row, so we're celebrating SALLY O'MALLEY STYLE!  So I expect lots of KICKing, STRETCHing, and KICKing in my honor. 

kaythanks. xoxoox

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  1. You know I loves me some Sally O'Malley! And I'm loving this treasury! Great job. Congrats on #50 :)
    -Patti (easton_place)

    p.s. Happy *almost* 21st