Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make Up Your Mind (36)

Make Up Your Mind Treasury Challenge (36)

Made for this treasury challenge (you don't have to be on the team to enter the challenge).  And for the record, I have not read or seen any of the Twilight series.  Nor do I have the desire to ever do so.  This treasury was compiled entirely from the cliches I have heard about Twilight, and the knowledge I gathered from last night's rerun of Saturday Night Live.

Can you believe I'm 10% done with my year long project?  Me either!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It started out with a kiss...

It started out with a kiss... (26/365)

This treasury was in response to a challenge by PipingHotPapers on Etsy.  You are supposed to start with one search term (for me it was "kiss", thank you Killers), find an item, paste it into your treasury, then look at the tags of that item.  Pick out one that sounds interesting, search that tag (by clicking), and pick out another item.  Repeat until all 16 spots are filled.  My first search was "kiss", and my last search was "grass".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Someone Like You

Someone Like You 19/365

Yesterday, itsastitch made a treasury expressing herself through Etsy.  She challenged everyone to do the same.  A lot of people have followed suit, myself included (as you can tell from today's treasury).

This treasury expresses a lot about myself.  I'm a barista, a baker, a crafter, a dreamer, a lover... it expresses mys obsessions with ruffles and lace, St. Louis baseball, traveling, hot air ballons, Paris, and skeleton keys... it gives a tribute to my lazy cat, Moses... shows off my love for the IL and how much I miss Chicago.  It's neutral with unexpected touches of color.  The title was the name of the song Colton & I had our first dance to at our wedding reception.  This treasury is me.

To see other treasuries of self-expression, click the links below.  If you want to be added to the list, feel free to link to yours in the comments of this post or convo me on Etsy.


First "Paper" Anniversary

First "Paper" Anniversary (18/365)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Organic Eggplant

Organic Eggplant (17/365)

My first treasury for the new soon-to-be-named treasury team...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marriage should be just as special as the wedding.

Marriage should be just as special as the wedding. (15/365)

This Sunday (June 13) will be my first anniversary with my husband.  This treasury is so special to me, I'm about to tear up!  The first print is basically our goal... to "never ever give up".  Marriage has not been easy by any means, and we just try to remember to "never ever give up".  We both love skeleton keys (he has a skeleton key tattoo), and they were a motif in our wedding.  We both love coffee shops, the first night of our honeymoon was spent in St. Louis, and we love playing checkers.  Our first pet together was a cat. 

I hope you enjoyed this little summary to my treasury.  I also hope it helped you get to know me better.  It's probably weird to think I'm more than an Etsian and treasury maker... but I'm also a wife.